A Public Address From the President of the Snooze

Hello. I'm addressing you, my fond followers, to say my grammar skills have not been professional and I take complete responsibility for it. Yes, I sound out words. Yes, I don't use spell check. And yes, I've never even read that one red grammar book. I have acted inappropriately, and I apologize. But isn't it time we move past all of that and get to the real point: Good, High Quality Journalism. Aren't you tired of all of the criticism-- does furniature have an "i"? Does the table of contents really matter? Aren't the people who came up with morphology dead? And weren't they prudes anyway? The fact that I am grammar illiterate is for me and my family to work on in the privacy of my own bedroom, where I've got my big dictionary and an extra chair so they can help me through these troubled times. Again, I take complete responsibility for my orthographical incompetence. Now let's all put this issue to rest so I can get back to what we all want:

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