Test Your Formal Logic: Take the LASAT!

Questions 1-3

At a plastic surgeon's office in Beverly Hills, a woman valet's a whiteMercedes and enters the clinic to have surgery performed. Because she isrelatively new to Los Angeles, she decides to start slowly. After listeningto the various procedures, she decides to have 3 operations on her face,2 operations round her stomach and hip area, one operation to enhance herbust and one operation to have her head examined.

No two operations in the same region are performed consecutively. Thefifth surgery is to have her eyelids lifted.

1. If she gets her head examined directly after she has liposuction inher hips, which of the following cannot be true?

A. She gets her head examined second.

B. She gets a nose job sixth.

C. She gets breast implants third.

D. She has collagen injected into her lips first.

E. She gets her head examined after all of the other procedures.

2. If exactly 2 operations are performed between her hip liposuctionand tummy tuck, which of the following must be false?

A. Her double chin removal is second.

B. Her breast augmentation is 6th.

C. Her head is examined second.

D. The wrinkles round her eyes are lasered off seventh.

E. Her head is examined last.

3. If her breast enlargement operation is not performed immediately beforeor immediately after one of the surgeries on her face, which of the followingpairs of operations cannot be performed consecutively?

A. A cheek bone chisel and navel relocation

B. A bust enlargement and a tummy tuck

C. A collagen lip injection and a head examination

D. A head examination and collagen injection in the left and right buttocks

E. A silicon breast implantation and a probing into the head in searchof a brain.

Questions 4-5

A Los Angeles Doughnut shop has 4 customers seated at the donut bar,eating: Mr. Abbott, Mr. Bellow, Mr. Chandra and Mr. Dean. Each meal includesat least one of the following:

Exactly 3 of the meals include juice.

Exactly two of the meals include donuts

Bellow's and Dean's meals include black coffee

Chandra's meal includes juice, jam donut and pat of butter.

4. Which of the following could possibly be the complete meal Bellowis eating?

A. Juice only

B. black coffee only

C. black coffee and a custard filled

D. Black coffee and juice only

E. jam donut, orange juice and pat of butter

5. If Dean's meal does not include juice, which of the following mustbe true?

A. Abbot's eating a long john.

B. Abbot is drinking orange juice.

C. Bellow is on insulin and won't risk eating a donut, even if it is a bear claw.

D. Bellow grew up on a farm and can't eat anything without butter.

E. Chandra is an alcoholic and won't touch orange juice without a splashvodka.

Questions 6-7

A group of 8 people, women Q,R,S & T and men, U,V,W and X are dividedinto two groups, those with big butts and those with small butts. Each groupconsists of at least one man and one woman, and consists of an unequal numberof men and women. T and X have different sized butts. V and W wear the same size pants. R has a small butt.

6. If Q, T and U have only eaten at donut shops since moving to LA andnow their pants don't fit, who also wears large pants and can show themwhere the overstuffed clothes store is?

A. R

B. S

C. V

D. W

E. X

7. If R and W wear the same size jeans, all of the following must betrue except:

A. T went on Jenny Craig and lost a ton of weight, but after quittinggained it all back and then some

B. Q and U can share the same clothes

C. W has had extensive liposuction and, amazingly, is alive to tell aboutit

D. R and V wear the same size

E. S stands for Skinny

Stick around... Next Month:

If Real boobs= Real butt, does Real butt= Real boobs? No, not in formallogic. Sometimes Real butt = just huge. Stay tuned for next month's LASATquestions.

by Catherine Rubino

ANSWERS: 1. C 2. E 3. D 4. D 5. B 6. B 7. E

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