by Mensch Freborg

April 2001

Ohio Beat Update
LIVE! From Gnattenhutten
Tallow-Fest 2001

The small, rural town in central Ohio was abuzz this past weekend as the famed "Tallow Capital of the Midwest" welcomed its 2001 Tallow Queen, the Honorable Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton. Senator Clinton was given the added honor of leading the Gnattenhutten Tabernacle Singers and Barbershop Quartet in a rousing rendition of the town's anthem "Oh Tallow most Hallowed." About 47 revelers briefly paused from enjoying their barbecued pork sandwiches to enjoy the concert.

Mensch Freborg is a metalurgist, scientist and occasional contributor to TheSnooze. His commentaries range from factual articles about the History of Germans in Science and the Arts to heated opinionated debates. He also plays the zither.

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