People we think are great

Dean Kamen

Just love him. This man is so inspirational. Rich, arrogant gits need to have their head examined. Only Dean Kamen has the chops to be arrogant, if he wants to be, and he's probably not. Because he's too busy thinking and creating to waste his time on dumb stuff. Man, this guy is a gem. Seriously a gift to the world. I hope the world can appreciate him. Here's a guy who is really worth his net worth. You've heard of his Segway, but have you heard about his home dialysis, his artificial limbs his wheel chair? He invented the IV drip thing when he was in high school! He's getting extra links but that's OK because he's my hero. Just try to catch up to him. DEKA

Salman Khan

This website is so exciting I am literally Sal-ivating. I can do high school ALL OVER AGAIN! (and I am, by the way, especially if I'm hoping Dean Kamen will notice me.) Remember, there is only one difference between smart people and dumb people. What makes a person smart? Her willingness to learn. If you're willing, go see Sal. I am bowled over at what he and his small team have accomplished. Khan Academy

Chris Blumer

She was an actor patient at patient study at UIC, and during that time found out she had cancer. She handled the battle courageously and with a sense of humor most people only dream of. I wouldn't be surprised if her husband or mom decided to turn her blog into a book, but until then, you can read it here. God rest her soul. Chemo and Vino

Celestine Chua

Founder of Personal Excellence. She's got the blog. Just wish she'd make a paper book. Personal Excellence

Glenn Close

You know, I always liked her but couldn't put my finger on it. Here she is, now I get it. Mental Illness, stopping the misconceptions... Like I've always said, you walk down the street and just don't know what anybody's dealing with. Let's stop honking our horns at each other and start understanding. Remove the stigma. Bring Change 2 Mind

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