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The quotes submitted to be used by the Snooze will be judged by a special Snooze panel made up of very opinionated and non-democratic people and animals. If the dog barks at it a few times, you may never see it in print. Just a warning. Submitting a quote in no way guarantees print, especially if it's mean. You do not need to be a celebrity to get your quotes published, as demonstrated by the late Father Tony from Minooka, Illinois. Finally, there is no compensation for such submissions.

"...there is some truly funny stuff here. (I love this line from the Renoir article in which nude bathers are commenting on how the artist depicts them. One says, "You have a nice figure." And the other replies, "Oil paint adds 20 pounds.")...and some great ones, including earlier escapades of the renegade Amish and a tale about a squirrel that totally struck a chord with me."
Jan Perry, Writer The Cincinnati post on-line

"Not since the beginnings of SPY Magazine have I read such a necessary and welcome publication. And good luck!"
Graydon Carter, Editor Vanity Fair

"The Snooze put me right to sleep!:)"
John McD, Musician The Rosie O'Donnell Show

"Catherine Rubino is a bold, funny American"
Chris Pickles, London West End Theatre Director

"Cathy is scintillating"
Father Tony, Minooka, IL

"Love and laughs! Come on out, the water's fine!"
Leslie Nielsen, Actor Airplane

"Dad and I so enjoy the Snooze! Do you think people will know the products are REAL?"

"The Snooze is very cathyesque"
Michael, Hunk-of-the-Month 1994, Ciccia

"Der anregende Messwert, da Report des Ken Starrs Buchhandlungen 1998 schlug!"
Mensch Freborg Mettalurgist, Ohio
Loosely translates as: The best read since Ken Starr's report in 1998!

"I love it - it's my first ever visit to a website, and I've been here for hours... Poor Professor Williams' filing, typing etc is staying put in the intray."
Susie Donkin, Radio 4 Comedy Writer and Star of The Bearded Ladies

" Chatty Cathy is back by popular demand"
Mattel Toy Company

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