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Written 05/11/00


As men are surfing for boobs + naked + panty + line, it would be nice if there were an equivalent for women. We here at The Snooze have run various search strings, not to be confused with other types of strings, and have come up with nothing. Our staff surfed for:

Wealthy + bachelor + rich

Single + men+ employed




Unfortunately, it has been a very grim search resulting in two finds: One a Christian Men's Prayer Group, for men only; and Two, an escort service providing men to wealthy ladies in need of a date. The result of our search was paltry and discouraging. The question of the month is why is it like this? Some say it's because mostly men program on the internet. SO is it true? Is the internet a man's club? This month we'll find out. But do we have to find On-line Quilting Bees, Scrapbooking Supplies and Quick Recipes to Fool Your Man Into Thinking You've Been Cooking All Day to find something for women? If you're a woman, or just look like one, send us a letter and let us know what you would like to find on the internet. And check in again here periodically to see what we've found...

Your Faithful Editor or Chief,



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